What to Buy?

So... you're interested in getting into photography? Here's a list of the basics.


You obviously need a camera to get into photography. Take a look at the cameras section to get a better idea of each one.

If you're seriously thinking about picking photography up as a hobby, I recommend an entry-level DSLR to get you started.

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These are the most important things to invest in. Good lenses will make your photos better. Don't cheap out on these, but there's also nothing wrong with default lenses that come with the camera bodies.

There's a lot of different lenses to buy. Click here to learn some more about lenses.

It's also important to protect your lenses. Make sure to invest in a good UV filter to protect it from debris and scratches.


If you buy a DSLR or Compact camera, you'll need memory. These usually take the form of SD cards and external hard drives for mass storage.


A kick in the air taken in front of the sunrise.

These are especially important if you want to take long-exposure photography. They keep your camera more still than you can with your hands so you can take long shutter photos.
Unless you have someone photographing you, it'll be hard to take photos like this one without a tripod.

There are obviously more things that you can buy, however these are the basics. There's plenty of accessories that you can purchase to make your life easier.