Types of Photography Genres

There's quite a few types of photography that you can shoot. Here's a few of them.

Obviously there's more than just these, but I think that these are the big ones that everybody should at least try once.


A photo of myself and my girlfriend, taken by a friend.

This is photography that captures a person or group of people.
It tries to capture personality using lighting, background, poses, and more.

This photo is of myself and my girlfriend. It was taken by a friend on a recent model iPhone.
Photography doesn't have to be strictly DSLR or film cameras, phones work too!

True portrait photographers tend to create their own specific styles that mark their photos as their own.
As a photographer, I'm personally interested in bokeh (the way light blurs in the background) for portraits.


Street photography isn't taking photos of streets. Well, it could be, if that's what you're interested in.
Overall, street photography is essentially walking down the street (of a town or city, etc.) and just taking photos.

If you're in a public space (meaning not privately owned, not just a public gathering area) then generally you're allowed to take photos of all subjects.

Obviously, don't take photos that invade privacy. A rule to follow is that if they are in the public's eye, then photos are usually okay.


They're the action shots. Quick shutter speeds to get that intense motion in movement. The name sort of speaks for itself.


Landscapes are just that. Photos of landscapes. Nature. You get the gist.


Think of weddings, dances, etc. Usually these photographers are paid for their work.


Macro shots are super interesting. They generally require specific lenses if you're really looking to get into it.
These photos get up and close to small subjects.