Our Staff


Likes: Food, Doodling

Dislikes: Insects

Doesn't really do much besides draw silly pictures for the group, which means he's not doing his work. "Moral Support."


Likes: Rice, Energy

Dislikes: Sleep

Enjoys rice to the point of obsession. We're not sure if the mask is made out of real rice or not, but we don't wanna check.


Likes: Origami

Dislikes: Not Getting Work Done

The only sane one. Vigilant with his work but still likes to laugh every now and then.


Likes: Naps

Dislikes: Loud noises, most dogs

Waltzed into the office one day and never left. The office's mascot.

All images were produced by Walker at some point in time and are now being reused here. The only true name being used is Walker.