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Today's Latest Story: Mer Meyd

Officials recently just learned of the existence of Mar Meyd, a woman living in the ocean. Scientists have no idea how she hasn't drowned.
According to Dr. Science, the man who wrote Water Stuff, this shouldn't be possible according to the laws of science:

A human living underwater? That's outrageous! -Dr. Science when asked about Mar Meyd.

Apparently, she's built a mansion underwater from the remnants of ships and planes that have fallen into the ocean.
However, we're not completely sure that this is true. The materials from ships and planes likely wouldn't be usable.
Hm. Actually... maybe she found remnants of a cruise liner or something. Whatever it was, this lead came from the local crazy old man.
As much as we'd like to believe it, it's probably not true.

We'll try our best to keep you updated on this totally true story as new developments unfold.

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